Blogwatch: Street Etiquette

Words by Ntokozo Kunene. First published on

Joshua Kissi and Travis Gumbs are two young New Yorkers, from the Bronx, who are fast ‘changing the perception of male urban fashion’ (Vogue Italia) through their blog, Street Etiquette.

By giving insight into their own personal style, and the historical context behind their inspiration and influences, they are fast abolishing the image that young men from Brooklyn only wear sagging trousers, oversized T – shirts and trainers.

‘I think one of the reasons we've gotten the exposure that we have is because we play every field -- we're everywhere and we relate to everybody’ say Gumbs of their huge following, which has resulted in the sartorial duo collaborating and consulting for major brands. 

If you’re in search of style inspiration for summer, take a look at this fresh, and refreshing take on men’s fashion.